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PageBrix is the simplest and the most cost-effective way to get a strong online presence. No IT skills needed, no commitments, no additional fees. Fast and reliable.

Freedom to Create

Thanks to our professionally-designed content blocks, you can add pictures, videos, text, contacts or a sign-up form, and maintain the perfect look. Remove or add whatever you like with no additional charges.

Visibility in Search

We've put together the best SEO tools to make sure your customers find your business on Google easily. And we'll make sure you use them.

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Respond to modern needs with our stylish and functional design. No matter if your customer is using a tablet, a smartphone, or a computer, your site will always work and look perfectly.

Simple administration

No knowledge or skills needed.


1. Take your laptop or smartphone

The Internet and a device with a browser are all you need. Use your smartphone to create or update your site anytime, anywhere.

2. Add your content

Use our prepared elements as bricks and have fun creating your personal site. Edit and add anything, anytime, with no additional fees.

3. Choose the design

Graphic design experts crafted a number of attractive templates to kick-off your website. User-friendly, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Pick one now and change it anytime.

4. Get all the support you need

We are always here for you. Our IT experts are happy to chat with you online, have a call, or provide video instructions.

Use content elements as bricks

PageBrix platform enables you to play with content elements as building blocks. You can easily add and rearrange headlines, text blocks, images, videos, maps, forms, CTA buttons, and many more. At PageBrix, building your site is intuitive and fun.

admin section
Site header

The logo is an important part of your brand identity. Upload it in the PageBrix administration and the template will automatically place it in the most appropriate place.

admin section
Place for the main page title.

The main headline briefly describes the entire page. Choose it deliberately. Together with the logo, it makes the first impression on the visitor.

admin section
Element photo gallery

Create an impressive gallery of your photos! Feature particularly important for photographers or other visual artists.

admin section
Element button

Use the button to create call-to-action - an important marketing element. Buttons are designed to encourage a visitor to click on it.

admin section
Text content element

Use this element to add not only text but also pictures, titles, or links. Select the number of columns as needed.

admin section
Create a form!

The PageBrix Form Maker is unpretentious. Think about questions or answers and make it easy for you visitors to give you information you need from them.

admin section
Site footer

Even the bottom of the page does not need to be neglected. For example, include copyrights, quick contact info or other important data.

Solution backed up by IT experts

Peter Kytlica

Peter Kytlica - Founder & developer

Project manager with more than 12 years of experience in SEO, online marketing, web design, and web development.

Slavomir Slizik

Slavomir Slizik - Co-Founder & investor

A server technology specialist, owner of one of the successful companies providing web hosting and domain registration in Europe.

With passion for art and respect to functionality

Our stunning website templates are in line with current trends and ready to show your company in the best light. They have everything needed to retain your visitors and turn them into customers.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

This template exhibits your unique captures and makes your work stand out of the crowd. It’s luxurious, bright, and smooth – just like your customers want their celebrations to be.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

For you, as a fitness trainer, it’s important to describe your services and showcase the benefits they bring to your customers’ lives. With this template, it’s easy to clearly provide various information – from a schedule of training sessions to motivating photos of your clients’ achievements.

Luxurious Portfolio

Luxurious Portfolio

This template is for photographers, architects or anyone who appreciates modern luxury, and aims to display their portfolio accordingly.

Artistic Photography

Artistic Photography

If you want your artwork to be recognized and remembered, use this template. Upload photos to create a full-screen background image to give a strong impression.

Confectionery Specialties

Confectionery Specialties

Pink details make your visitors feel the sweetness of your delicious products. Designed for confectionery specialists but would also serve well for nail designers or anyone who wants to show their handmade products.

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30-day free trial

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What pages did PageBrix users create?

create website for courses and seminars

"I needed to create a website where I could work with multiple components myself, images, videos, text, and maps. Something simple and intuitive. And, in particular, I needed to have permanent access to editing and modification."

Michal Hornacek, self-defense coach

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website for dancer

"The page template we eventually chose excelled in its strong visuality and dynamics, which was very useful for the dance-acrobatic ensemble, as it is also a movement and visual impression when dancing. I am very satisfied with PageBrix, the creation of the page took me 2 -3 evenings, I quickly got my bearings in the system, everything was clear and simple, and the final impression is very high quality. Admins have also helped me with customization, and it's great to be able to constantly change the content of the site."

Ariadna Vendelová, acrobatic dancer

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website for photographer

"I've been playing for a long time with the thought to to make a normal website, I've gone through a number of free and paid options, but nothing really fit my needs, I've always found something that bothers me. This changed as I found PageBrix. It is very easy to create a site with no time. That's perfect. Also the willingness to help from their customer support, or the addition of the feature I requested, and all this really fast. I also see the huge advantage of having the opportunity to rewrite the entire web anytime I want, whatever I want to remove, whatever to add, I can do it fast with no errors."

Michal Petrovic, photographer

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